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Tom: Lead guitar, singer, keyboards, writer and arranger for the SKY Family. Oh, also, second fiddle.

Quote: "How did this happen?! I used to play lead guitar and now I play second fiddle!"


Seth: Bass player and easily the most popular member of the band.

Quote: "They don't let me dance!"


Joel: The real fiddle player, also saxophone and keyboards.

Quote: "I didn't write that song. God did."


Gabe: Lead dancer, guitar, also plays key board. We're glad Riverdance didn't find him!

Quote: "God's beauty is so amazing!"


Miriam: Lead singer, dancer extraordinaire, also plays keyboard. Totally spoiled by her brothers and father.

Quote: "Oh.........Sethypooh!"


Dan Brocke: Drums. Our newest member and a great addition to the team!

Quote: "Oh, for Pete's sake!"